Sunday, October 11, 2009

A (hopefully) modest proposal

This post is mostly of the housekeeping/full-disclosure variety.  It's the note form of my project proposal for my class w/ Howard Zehr & Paulette Moore: "Research as Art and Transformation."  One thing I like about the project described in my previous post is the way in which Paulette and her partner used the blog.  They used it not only for the final form of the project, but also the entire process of creating the project, from concept to realization.  So I'll be aping that paradigm here...

I actually wrote these on the 22nd of Sept, and they still seem like where I'd like to go w/ this project...

Topic: Theology & Peacebuilding, Theology for Peacebuilding, Peacebuilding for Theology, Restorative Theology, whatever

Audience: University community, anyone else interested in the intersections of theology & peacebuilding, particularly from an Anabaptist perspective, and Mennonite culture

Medium: blog

Media: text, photography, audio/video

Methodology: Video interview, 10-20 minutes

Interview subjects (choose 4): Choose 4 from faculty of Seminary, CJP, Bible & Religion, & JPCS

Photography techniques: B&W, diptics/triptics/quadtics, layers in photo software

  • 1 page/post per interview subject
  • 1 cover page/post
  • 1 page/post for personal reflection
  • Comments sections on each page/post will allow for some degree of discussion, however limited
Next steps:
  • Fill out form for Institutional Review Board
  • Draft interview questions
  • Send interview requests w/ project proposal information

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