Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cheap book alert and a wish

Thx to Nate Myers for pointing this out: "The Myth of a Christian Nation" by Greg Boyd, is only $1.99 (hardcover!) before shipping from  My copy showed up in the mail today and I just read through the introduction. No comments to put here yet, but I do know some quite patriotic (and intelligent) Christian brothers whom I love dearly that I would LOVE to sit down with after all having read this book for some good discussion.

Aside from a high degree of nonresistance/nonviolence/pacifism, my religious tradition, Anabaptism, has always been highly suspicious of governments because of our collective memory of persecution at the hands of states married to state churches as early as the 16th century in Europe.  It's that experience which had a profound impact on our modes of biblical interpretation and ethical practice.  Boyd doesn't come from this tradition, but he and I agree on this argument of his.  Therefore, I'd love to sit down with someone who does not share this tradition nor agree with Boyd's argument.

One thing I loved in the intro: while Boyd acknowledges the focus of his argument was intended for those on the political right, he made it clear that those on the political left need to hear it just as much, for different reasons.  As a perpetual political moderate, this was music to my ears.

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