Thursday, February 25, 2010

Textual research visualization tool

(Preface: One of the principal tenets of blogging is "post often," which I have certainly not been doing much of this month, for a number of reasons. One is I'm insanely busy at life in general, and unfortunately none of the things I've been doing have been relevant for posting here. I've also picked up posting more often on my "old faithful" website: I've been going a decent bit of tweeting and also played around with Google's new social networking tool, Buzz - see my thoughts on that here. So hopefully some interesting material in the vein of theology and peacebuilding will be showing up again here in the near future.)

My friend and fellow CJP'er, Krista Johnson (who recently got a job at Mennonite Central Committee/MCC as their Peace Program coordinator) showed me an awesome online tool called Wordle. The tool generates word clouds based on textual information that you give it in a number of ways, which includes handing it a URL for a website. Well, I did this for the current front-page of this blog, and came up with the following neat picture:

I wish I would have known about this tool when I was doing my project for Arts-Based Research class last fall!  Thanks, Krista!

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