Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anabaptist bloggers unite!

Somehow my boss at EMU's Marketing department caught wind of this website - Anabaptist Blogs and Bloggers - currently hosted under the domain,, and invited the EMU-connected bloggers (such as Howard Zehr w/ his restorative justice blog) she was aware of to contact the site's curator, Jeff McLain.  So I did just that, and Jeff graciously listed this here blog over yonder. I haven't had time to check out the other blogs already listed there, but look forward to getting into some virtual community with fellow Anabaptists outside my current university bubble.

Jeff has undertaken some changes on the site that aren't fully implemented yet, but one change is switching the domain name to something else besides "MennoniteBlogs" to include other church traditions who fall under the Anabaptist influence. I applaud this move on his part, because I have seen at times Mennonites making the logical move that "Mennonite = Anabaptist," which for me, as a Church of the Brethren minister/scholar(-in-training), is problematic...and should be problematic for Mennonites, too. So thanks again, Jeff!

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