Thursday, June 17, 2010

A nod to sister blog: Feetwashing and Four Square

A few weeks ago I started following a blog moderated by Nick Miller Kauffman called Feetwashing and Four Sqaure, which is described as "A blog that examines life, God, politics and everything from the perspectives of young people in the Church of the Brethren." All of those things have relevance for me, so I was thrilled to find it. Nick (and I believe the other authors who contribute to the blog) is studying at Bethany Theological Seminary in Richmond, Indiana. Bethany is the single Church of the Brethren seminary in all the whole world (or at least the U.S.), so it's "my" seminary in the denominational affiliation sense, despite my actual academic home at present, Eastern Mennonite University (Seminary + Justice-Peace studies).

I've made a few comments on FWFS and threw it up on the "In conversation"/blogroll here at Restorative Theology, and I'm looking forward to getting to know Nick and the crew. As I've commented on their blog, being the only Brethren student in a Mennonite academic institution has its ups and downs, and can be lonesome at times, so I'm grateful for the digital connection.

Check them out:

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