Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Brethren Desiring the Kingdom

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A few months ago, Josh Brockway, my friend and fellow Brethren brother (and presenter at this week's #Occupy Empire conference!), fired up a new blog for the Brethren Life and Thought journal. Described as having "an Anabaptist and Radical Pietist voice," the blog is intended to bring scholarly discourse amongst folks in the Schwarzenau Brethren tradition into the digital age, something attempted in a few other places (including here) but with no institutional support.

Ever the tech nerd, I managed to wiggle my way into helping Josh administer the blog, but also contribute  to it. And just a few hours ago, Josh posted the final piece in a three-part/three-author series engaging James K.A. Smith's awesome book, Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation.

  1. Ascetic Christianity: Brethren Dress and Smith’s Cultural Liturgies by Joshua Brockway
  2. In place of (non-)sacraments: Re-enchanting the Brethren by me, Brian R. Gumm
  3. The Anabaptist’s Will, The Pietist’s Heart & The Lover’s Gaze by Scott Holland
It's been a lot of fun taking the work in this excellent book into conversation with two friends/brothers/colleagues with an eye on what its import may be to the Church of the Brethren today, and indeed I think there is plenty of import. My thanks to these guys!

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