Monday, September 10, 2012

Political Theology: Elected to be consumed

Challa bread photo by the.pinoyboy via Flick/CC license.
I have a new post up at Political Theology's "There is Power in the Blog"

Elected to be consumed

As I say in the intro:
I hope to show why...tactical abstinence from American politics and news media is not necessarily irresponsible, but can be seen as righteously “therapeutic” (in a Wittgenstinian sense) or as residing in what Mennonite writer, Tim Huber, has recently called a “holy silence.” I will do so by meditating on the word “election” in light of two different traditions. First, in the context of American politics, and then in the biblical/covenantal sense.
I also do a bit of eucharistic theology at the end and make reference to the Election Day Communion movement, started by a few Mennonite pastors. 

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