Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Life happens, we deal with it

From Toledo, IA
The right place to talk; notice who got the big-boy glass
(the little guy/me)
This is a meta-post in our ongoing series on the book Christianity, Democracy, and the Radical Ordinary, by Stanley Hauerwas & Rom Coles. This series is being authored by Jonathan McRay, Jonathan Swartz, & Brian Gumm.

The Coles-Hauerwas book blogging project has slowed down a bit in recent weeks for a number of reasons. It all started when I spent a week in Virginia for work, which among other things (like a mild existential crisis) granted me a bit of time to hang out with these two yayhoos on the right, the Brothers Jonathan. We had a great chat, and at the time we were wading into chapter 3, which John had just posted on.

But I've been holding the ball for a few weeks now, still in ch. 3 with no post up, so I got some 'splainin' to do. Long story short: life circumstances for Jon and I are changing. Just this week (this morning, in fact), Jon is starting another semester at EMU as a dual-degree student as well as taking on some new work responsibilities. Balancing all that with his family life is tricky business, and having done that myself (though with not as many children!) I can sympathize completely.

For my part, I'm ramping up for a writing project, some curriculum planning for a course I'm teaching next spring, and some new church ministry responsibilities starting this fall. Add to that my day job and family life, and my plate is looking rather full. So in light of that, we're making a mid-course correction in this here project...

Rather than three posts per chapter, we're going to drop down to one, with each of us taking a turn on a chapter. Expect about a chapter/post per week. - I'll actually finish my chapter 3 post this week, but starting with chapter 4 we'll start this new pattern. We'll still be responding to each other in the comments, and we hope that you will too. This continues to be an inspiring and compelling book, and one that has all kind of interesting threads and implications. We hope you continue on the journey through it with us...

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