Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The joys of being a parent

From Toledo, IA
I don't talk much about my family here on the blog, and that's somewhat intentional. But this is one of those "daddy moments" that I can't pass up commenting on here.

Our daughter has a good bit of musical talent that she comes by from both her mother and I, which we've cultivated over the course of her life with music lessons, first on piano and then for the past six years, violin. She also plays flute in school concert band, is learning the electric bass for jazz band, and is quite a good singer and actress. She is, at 14, an accomplished fine arts nerd (which I mean in the endearing sense). As parents we're very proud.

Last week she asked me to get out my recording equipment so she could start messing around with multi-track recording. With very minimal guidance and instruction from me, she quickly picked up the requisite tools and produced this little lo-fi music video, a cover of the song "I'll Think of You" (aka the "Epic Patty Cake Song") by Kurt Schneider & Sam Tsui...

My internal response to this project of hers is interesting. There are a range of emotions I've experienced, the first and most obvious one being pride ("not like the kind in the Bible that turns you bad" --A.B.). But there's also a twinge of sadness because, well, my little girl is growing up and it's at moments like these that her maturation is especially striking.

Here is something else that struck me: This is her first YouTube video. And eight years ago last month, when I was 27, this was mine...

Same microphone, same guitar, same gritty webcam video quality (different webcam). One difference is that in my video there's no multi-track stuff going on - it's a live take. But more recently I've done mult-track with lip-syncing for the video in a somewhat embarrassing cover that I'll only link to and not embed here.

So the "passing of the torch" quality of this project is part of the delight of being the father of our beautiful and talented daughter, and I think it's safe to say you can expect a collaboration between us to hit YouTube sooner rather than later.

Good job, sweetie.

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